Stuff of the Day

First up the winners of yesterdays competition:
Most useful tip was awarded to shaddsi who said:
WD40 has many uses, its mostly used to loosen nuts and bolts, here are a few other uses…
Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile floor
Removes tea and coffee stains from benches
Removes tomato stains from clothes
Can be used as a gum remover…
Use these at your own risk…

The most interesting tip was awarded to Lizzym who said:
Snails! Every gardeners nightmare but they too have a good side and useful as well!
Next time you get a painfull insect bite have a rummage under the nearest potplant or ivy overhang, grab the nearest snail and let him/her go for a slither over the bite site a few times. You’ll find that the irritation of the bite/sting is greatly reduced or non existent. It may still be a bit red but it won’t hurt. Happy Gardening.

Certainly a tip for the brave among us… Anyway nice work guys your prizes will be mailed out shortly! Alright onto the current competition, the 28 is now live on, and there is a competition running to celebrate.
The 28 Tell A Friend Competition

First Prize: 2 pairs of Hoyts movie tickets as featured on COTD
Three runner up places: A pair of Hoyts movie tickets each
One lucky entrant receives a lucky prize!

How to enter? Simple.

  • Click on the “share this catch” link. Which I’ve conveniently put right -HERE-.
  • Enter your mates email addresses and hit submit to let them know about today’s 28! sale.

We will be counting up all the entries on Monday at 10am and announce the winner at midday on the Catch of the Day Blog. You may enter as many times as you like, in fact you should! As it will certainly improve your chances of winning.

News of the Day

Today Show (in the USA) warns viewers to stay away from the XBOX 360
The interesting part of the segment is that their tech guru told consumers to stay away from the Xbox 360 because of the massive hardware problems. He let everyone know that Microsoft issued a 3 year warranty extension amounting to $1 billion….
Steve Bracks Retires
The story on everyones lips yesterday and today, the victorian premiere steps down…
Two TV news helicopters collide in US
Two news helicopters collided and crashed today while covering a police chase on live television in central Phoenix, killing four people on board. Both helicopters went down in a park in central Phoenix and caught fire. No one on the ground was hurt….

Weather of the Day

Adelaide[Min: 7C Max: 17C] Brisbane[Min: 9C Max: 25C]
Canberra [Min: 4C Max: 12C] Darwin[Min: 20C Max: 31C]
Hobart [Min: 6C Max: 13C] Melbourne [Min: 8C Max: 14C]
Perth [Min: 11C Max: 19C] Sydney [Min: 11C Max: 18C]

Video of the Day
Here’s what happens if you talk on the phone during a concert!

Image of the Day
Very smart stenciling

Links of the day
I’m a recent convert to religion .mac, certainly excited to see what might just be the new iMac keyboard, check it out here-.
Looking to go diving anytime soon? Check this out right -here-.

Over and out!