Monday Madness!

First up the winners of the 28 Tell A Friend Competition:
First Prize of two pairs of hoyts movie tickets goes to mercer9
Runners Up Prizes (A pair of hoyts movie tickets each):
desertbling, rebca and jinli
Random lucky entrant prize goes to eliobpstar.
Your tickets will be shipped out shortly!

Folks i’ve got some news, tomorrow morning i’ll be going on a short trip overseas to take photos for some competitions on the blog, its going to be a hard comp to win but rewarding so stay tuned!
News of the Day

Woman ruins artwork with a kiss
A Cambodian-born French woman faces prosecution for criminal damage after kissing a painting by American artist Cy Twombly, leaving a lipstick imprint on the otherwise immaculate white canvas…..
Homeless, but hiding $109,000 stash
Social workers in Paris were astonished to find more than 68,400 euro ($A109,000) on a homeless woman when they moved her off the street last week, police said.
Bride arrested after attacking groom with shoe
Scottish bride Teresa Brown’s dream of a perfect wedding day probably did not include attacking the groom with her stiletto shoe and spending the weekend in a cell…..

Weather of the Day

Adelaide[Min: 9 C Max: 16C] Brisbane[Min: 10 C Max: 22C]
Canberra [Min: -2 C Max: 13C] Darwin[Min: 18 C Max: 30C]
Hobart [Min: 3 C Max: 12C] Melbourne [Min: 7 C Max: 15C]
Perth [Min: 14C Max: 19C] Sydney [Min: 8 C Max: 17C]

Video of the Day
Crazy prank performed in Japan, mobs of people surprise random unwitting volunteers, a must see!

Image of the Day
A mad man flying his plane under a bridge…

Links of the day
Help track the winter flu! here-.
Iraq wins the Asian Cup football tournament -here-.

Over and out!