Hi folks!
If there’s one thing you don’t want to do on your first day back at work after a grueling trip to Scandinavia and Japan it’s spilling your coffee all over the pile of paperwork on your desk. Here’s what happened, I was sitting at my desk gazing around at my fellow team members when a group of men in pink overcoats and green scarves burst into the office screaming “THERE ARE PIGS FLYING OUTSIDE!!!” Sure enough, there were pigs flying outside.
Okay… That was fine, normal daily fare for us, I mean we had a gremlin in the warehouse the other day shooting the bag of pooki video (that explains the freaky voice!). I continued happily sipping away on my Café Mocha, then LG walks over and hands me a postit note with 2 lines scribbled on:
A google and a half later, my coffee was all over the desk and Jay started calling an ambulance. There you go, true story. Except the part about the flying pigs.
Video of the Day
Simply awesome!

Image of the Day
This one really cracked me up

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