CatchathonVIII is LIVE. Up for grabs are not one, not two but TEN brand new digital photo frame alarm clocks as featured on CatchoftheDay, read all about them here.

How to enter? Simply mention CatchathonVIII in an original way on any forum*, website or blog(except ours!) that you visit. Once you’ve made your post, email a link to your post, along with your email or username on COTD to: (I’ve come down with that nasty flu going around so gabby will be hosting the competition for now).

How you win: The winner’s will be judged on originality and a good sense of humour. It’s quality not quantity that counts here folks. It must be said though, a large quantity of quality posts will be looked upon favourably *wink* Make a good impression!

Winners will be announced at precisely Midday Friday.

* Except forums that start with W *wink*

Hi everyone, I decided to do today’s blog a little differently. I’m a strong believer in personal motivation and improvement, so for today’s blog, instead of some entertainment I thought perhaps we could share useful/motivating links and info. Here are mine, time to feel good!

18 Tricks to make new habits stick

Lifehack ‘how to’ on Productivity

A large Library of Inspirational Quotes

And now for surely the biggest inspiration the world has ever known. Ronaldinho.