Yesterday we launched Catchathon VIII at 12 midday with big expectations! It’s been a whole month of putting special stock aside, finding new specials for the day, organising the shopfront and the backend, all to go online at 12 Thursday. When the clock ticked 12 and the system loaded it all up we had an instantaneous traffic spike and the site went down. Even our new server crashed under the load of thousands of simultaneous visitors. We were all quite disappointed and Ferry specially was under pressure. Thanks to our web hosting service who cooperated very well, we managed to weather the storm in less than half an hour, and service returned. After that it was all smooth sailing. It ended up being our single biggest day of sales so far, and it’s completely understandable, our members can vouch for this more than anyone else, the catches available over the last month have been absolutely superb. Both in terms of price and features, every day has been a knockout; sales team gets a pat on the back!

Anyway the atmosphere in the office this morning is very cheery and celebratory, relief and satisfaction all round. That’s our job done, now its over to the packing team! I should update our “Meet the Team” section, and will do any day now, we’ve grown by a further 4 staff members since I last updated it in July, one of them has become a veritable lion in the catch warehouse, roaming the isles barking orders and always making sure items are shipped on time. For that reason, we’ve decided to dub him “the Lion”. Anyway, the Lion has been going crazy on the catchathon orders from the second they were processed, it’s looking like a lot of work ahead of him and his team, there are so many orders to pack that some of us upstairs might have to get involved as well, we could not have dreamt that many orders were going to be made. I’ll take some photos of the Post Office truck picking the stuff up for y’all to see your goodies on their way home to you.

Speaking of Lions, I recently came across this video on Youtube called “Battle in Kruger”. I found it interesting instantly just because of the title, I’ve been to Kruger National Park in South Africa several times now, it was the first place that I witnessed actual wild life, in the wild, free. It’s an amazing feeling. This is the first video footage i’ve ever seen that captures something of what it feels like to see these animals in the wild, note, you MUST watch this clip at least up to the big TWIST in the plot, you’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Lastly, our thanks and congratulations to the winners of the “CATCHACOMP”, you guys did a great job, you did us very proud and you definitely deserved your new digital photo frames:


Thanks again guys, and enjoy your prizes! The Catchathon continues for a few more hours today on DailyDeals in case anyone missed out during our downtime yesterday.