You know what this blog needs. It needs some regular competitions is what it needs. I’ll keep it simple. Let’s have a weekly competition, and some random SURPRISE comp’s in between. For this week’s WEEKLY competition, wait, let’s give it a proper title, and a number, umm I choose 789:


Ladies and Gentlemen, for this week’s CATCHACOMP you have to come up with a funny/exciting/humorous/hilarious phrase to title this superb image:

Just enter by posting your caption below using the discuss feature… or just click here

What prize? Well sitting around the office, I get a lot of cool sample product’s to test and see if they are basically… good enough to become the next “Catch of the Day”, a lot of times, the product’s are pretty cool but… just not at the right price/cool ratio that makes them the perfect catch. Like these hand held keychain time projector’s in my hand, you basically point it at a wall, press a button and voila, you get the time in large red writing on the wall you’re pointing at.

It’s bound to give someone out there a whole 25 seconds of usefulness, but nah, not for our members.

I digress, what I decided to do is collect all the unopened samples up, and make a big prize box. So far from just the product’s I’ve received in the last few days, I’ve filled the box up with around 25 goodies. Ranging from flying alarm clocks to wall mounted light bulb shaped push light thingers. So this prize box will be like our holy grail here on the blog. Every competition we have, i’ll get you a special prize from the box. For example. Say a guy named … Peter wins a competition. I’ll ask Peter,

“Yo Peter, do you like Opera?”
“Umm ok do you like Flash memory”

And so, I’ll give Peter a usb flash disk or something. So to get your prize after every comp, hit me up on the blog and we’ll pick something out for you. Much to the envy of our watching fellow catchers, har har.

Now watch this real interview with a senator:

Of course it’s not real…