Man, I’m so excited about the attack helicopters coming on catch tomorrow. I know you guys are going to love them. My favourite product on catch, bar none, has always been the supafly pocket heli. I think I’ve bought and owned 16 separate supaflys. I’ve designed custom paint schemes and painted them, crashed them, flown them like they have never been flown before and still I never tire of them. I once tried attaching 3 heli’s to a wire hoop with balloon’s hanging to fly around at my sisters birthday and while I thought it was an experiment well worth the time, my sister was not impressed with how I spent my budget for her birthday gift.

Anyway so I used to love the supafly, now I’ve found a new love and tomorrow so will you, these heli’s not only fly really well, but they also ***** **** *****. Ha, I’m not going to reveal the big secret, logon tomorrow to find out! Just make sure you bring a friend with you when you come, these choppers come in 2’s!

Oh and the weekly competition is still running, it’s … weekly… after all, you can participate simply by heading to Monday’s blog, which I’ve linked for you right here.

Now watch this:

Surprise Comp 🙂 To enter simply invent a cool title for tomorrow’s catch! Winner’s announced tomorrow!