Bombshell Pillows!

Wow! Who would have thought a set of pillows, very nice pillows I might add, would break our one day bite record? I should have seen it coming, the signs were there for everyone to see.

First sign: We shipped out truck after truck after truck of mp3 players, USB speakerboxes and attack Helis, its been a HOT week.

Second sign: Every time Id bring a sample up to my office to get to work on the copy, as soon as Id turn my back it would go missing. Subsequently during the week everyone looked much happier, just more rested

Third Sign: I took one home myself, and then had to buy two more for my brothers. Then there was the price, $19.80 for two, pretty insane even by LG/SP standards. I remember feeling that normal 12 o clock anxiety as the catch went live, but within 15 minutes, my jaw was on the floor. It was like watching an online stampede. Awesome effort everyone.

Short reminder, our weekly competition, the Catchacomp #789 will be closing this Sunday. Head to Mondays blog for the details, if your too lazy just click here.

In todays vid, Stomper, the Oakland A’s Elephant mascot[From the States] gets challenged to a dance off by a couple kids in the parking lot. He brings it and surprises the crowd with his moves.