Congratulations to the winner of CatchaComp 789, the first prize has been scooped up by a mysterious user known only as Strangers. It was a hotly contested competition, and wellÖ there can only be one winner. Strangers when you see this message, send me an email at or just post a reply in the blog and letís talk prizes! Iíve got a few goodies packed away in my prize box, so Iíll let you choose. Without further AdoÖ


The blog is still in its early stages and well, I havenít exactly hit the sweet spot with you good folks yet, itís been fun so far, but Iíd like it to be absolutely WILD. Thatís where you guys come in. This weekís comp:

Post a competition idea!

Coolest idea wins, Iíll post their competition next week, and they can judge the winner. Of course the winner of this weekís comp wins a prize from my goodie box. Enter right here on the blog, use the Discuss feature.
Alright. So thatís this weekís competition. Beyond that Iíd like anyone with any requests for the blog to post them, or just email me. Would you like to see a horoscope, weather and news? Let me know, Iíll make it happen every day. Would you like more competitions? We can arrange it. I have an interesting idea myself that is taking a little time in terms of programming and design, but itís a hot idea and I canít wait to start it up. In the meantime letís put our heads together and make this blog rock.

Interesting video, some crazy cats in the states constructed a 60 foot waterslide on the roof of their homes; a good clip to enjoy in the midst of a fast approaching summer: