Well people always joke about pigs flying. What I saw yesterday has changed my perspetive on pigs flying. We all stood in the warehouse and watched as GPS units flew off the shelf. Har har. Seriously now, yesterday was awesome, sold out in just a couple of hours, lots of happy customers, and lots of unhappy late comers who missed out. We got a ton of emails asking for more – some of the excuses you guys came up with were pretty good actually. I liked this one the best:


I’m writing to tell you what an excellten site yuo run. You and all your staff are amongst the most amazing epopel I know. So maybe you can make this happen for me.

I have a date with an alien who gave me latitude and longitude coordinates. I am in love with this creature, she is probably the hottest alien i’ve ever met and she makes me so happy, her tentacles are so fine yet she’s so refined in manner and she really cares about me.

I can’t make this date without a GPS – I need that MIO in particular. You guys are awesome, I knwo you can make it happen

I obviously made that up, spelling mistakes and all, but some of the emails we got to try get some more were just as creative….:) p>

Anyway I’m keeping today’s post pretty short, you guys have some 28’in to do over at Daily Deals, and I’ve got to prepare for the Melbourne On Show exhibition. Catch of the Day have a gigantic stall, and prep time is just in a few hours, so I’ve got to rush off. Lots of photo’s coming up after the show of course.

Not going to leave you without your Daily funny video dose: