It was worth it.

Edit 30/08/07: Still at the show people, be back tomorrow, in the mean time please keep the competition going strong, some great ideas so far, it’s in Mondays blog, just click here.

Yesterday was back breaking work. We were setting up our stall at the Melbourne on Show exhibition, at the exhibition centre. Our stall idea sounded quite cool on paper, but when it came to organizing it, man, what a beast. I took some footage and Iíll throw a video up on the blog next week or something. We were folding boxes well into the night, in fact all of us working on the COTD stall missed the red moon last night. Iím still kind of upset about it, I mean, a RED MOON? If anyoneís taken a good photo hit me up Iíd love to see.

Anyway feel free to come by the Melbourne exhibiton center, Iíll be manning the stall along with Jay and perhaps the mighty Ido. Would be nice to meet anyone that decides to come along! Have to keep this blog short as well, at least while this exhibition is running.

Todayís video. Ronaldinho vs Zidane. This is a blasphemous comparison, which i’m actually really quite upset has even been suggested, nevertheless, the video is awesome. If you don’t like football, please watch anyway to see what you are missing. Actually, the video is terrible. It so bad it looks like I edited it, but the FOOTAGE is unreal.</p