After an amazing weekend with the Lasers, and the Steam Guns on Sunday, it was three strikes sold out (nearly!) yesterday. We had a massive quantity of the desktop devices, and they literally flew out the door, we are left with just the perfect amount for the Catchathon this month.

Never failing to keep you people interested, todayís deal must be a bit of a surprise even to Catch veterans. Letís see how it goes, Iím betting on an evening sellout, Iím usually right, USUALLY!

Anyway, my current biggest concern is the blog, I want this place to be amazing. Weíre moving in the right direction with the weekly competitions, and a light peppering of random competitions doesnít hurt either, I think a lot of you do enjoy the video picks, but if you enjoy all that wait till Iíve finished the cherry on top. Itís a new feature to top all new features over the last couple of months. The week before I launch, Iíll be running a guessing competition to see who can figure it out, maybe Iíll give some hints out.

Time for a bit of entertainment, firstly in my hunt for a good image of the spectacular red moon, I stumbled upon this awesome site Featuring an ugly design but the most spectacular images of space Iíve ever seen. NASA throw up a daily image on that site, something they hand pick out of the terabytes of images they capture from deep space every day. Take todayís daily image for example:

Now I just have to find a widget, probably a yahoo widget, to cycle through each daily image and change my desktop background accordingly. That would be sweet. Iíll post the widget here when I find one.

Time to laugh a lilí I donít know if she was just nervous or what but Miss Teen South Carolina provides us with this epic performance direct from the most crucial moment of the pageant:

Thatís all!

P.S LyndyLou I’ll leave it to you to remind people about the weekly competition? Or should I do it in the main post.