Surprised? I certainly am. This was a secret project codename: LG. LG has basically become the head of office CIA. He strides around with two suits on his left and two suits on his right. His supplier information network has now spread past the far east and into Europe and America. If there’s a deal to be had, he’ll know about it even before the supplier does. He works in complete secrecy and is known for his ultra-right-wing-extremist price slashing policies.

For today’s offering, I was only told one thing, ‘Louis, tell them to be here on Wednesday’. It was all very mysterious, and now it’s gotten even more mysterious, A LUCKY BOX! Should be awesome. I mean, ok, I was wrong about the evening sellout for the cutlery, but they still sold like crazy and were a few units short of a sell out. I suppose the difficulty with selling objects like cutlery is, you have to feel it in your hands to appreciate the quality, but a lot of people took our word for it and picked them up, so thanks for that, you won’t be disappointed either. Today’s offering should pretty much rock the charts.

Good work with the catchacomp fellow bloggermen (FYI: That’s what we’ll call COTD bloggers from now on). Now for the world’s largest RC plane, (it starts to fly around halfway through the video, and it can hold up to 210kg weight!?!).

We had the worlds smallest RC heli ages ago, what if we featured the worlds largest plane?

OH! One more thing, it seems there are people in AUSTRALIA running hacked iPhones. MAN! That burns so much! It’s only going to be available OFFICIALLY June next year sometime, but these cats have gone out shipped them over from the states and completely hammered whatever protection Apple put in there. If only I didn’t start a new contract last week. S.O.U.R.C.E


See ya tmrw!