Didn’t get much work done yesterday, not many of us did. Just imagine all those items leaving a building and you’ll know why, our jaws were stuck on the ground and our eyes halfway out of their sockets. Guess what? It was all thanks to you guys. I knew the MEGA BABY BOX would do well, but not THAT well, that was… mind blowing. The shock comp ended up blocking my email account trying to recieve close to 750 emails, half of them real entries, others were just people emailing with stories of how cute their babies were and why they really deserved a free box.Anyway doubtless you’ve heard by now we are giving y’all an extra item per box, simply because we are so freaking happy with how the whole event went. AHHHH it was great! The Baby Box should re-surface sometime, perhaps next month, perhaps the month after, maybe next week, who knows. We do have some awesome specials lined up, if you thought the MEGA BABY BOX was fun, wait till you see the M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. OH THE MYSTERY!We can’t wait to hear the reports of the box contents once you recieve your boxes, we kinda think you’ll go a bit gaga!