In front of a home crowd, I’m guessing we can hold them to a tie, at least. If I was being optimistic I’d say we could win, but we’d really need some serious luck on our side. Either way the whole Catch team is heading out the G to support our boys and we’ll be screaming our lungs out the whole game.

About yesterday’s first aid kits, nicely done people! Well and truly sold out, you guys went at them like crazy. Was a massive day… but it’ll be nothing compared to this Thursday, a spectacular catch to top all catches! Brace yourselves for something massive!

Don’t forget our Weekly CATCHACOMP is also running, lots of cool stuff available as prizes, head right HERE. Some of the entries so far have been pretty damn funny, make sure you add your 2 cents!

Hilarious Star Wars parody to be aired on Family Guy recorded on a cine cam at comic con 07, nice lunch time viewing: