Well, we lost the game but we gave it our best. We came close to scoring a number of times, Bresciano hit an awesome free kick early in the first half which had everyone in the MCG on their feet, the best moment from the game. I’d probably describe Argentina’s goal as mediocre at best, in fact apart from occasional sparks of inspiration from Messi, overrall they did not meet the pre game hype, particularly Tevez, just didn’t seem to have the energy. Either way I’m really happy to have seen our young home side put up a respectable showing against one of the worlds footballing giants, and to have seen Messi playing live, a moment I can tell my grandchildren about in years to come.

Speaking of hype, you may have noticed a little flashing banner on the right side of the page. Its something we’ve never done before, we are definitely hyping up this Thursday and Friday, mainly because the Catches are going to be WILD. Not to be missed. Unlike Argentina, we never dissappoint.

Today’s video is a spectacular clip created by Yannick Puig, it is “I lived on the moon” by Kwoon.

Donít forget our Weekly CATCHACOMP is also running, lots of cool stuff available as prizes, head right HERE. Some of the entries so far have been pretty damn funny, make sure you add your 2 cents!