Crazy, Crazy, Crazy. CRAZY. Yesterday exceeded our expectations, and has put our packing supervisor into a coma.

I won’t be blogging over the weekend, so here’s what you need to know about the coming week, HUGE. Firstly, the CatchAThon on Monday. Every month, it just gets bigger. I need to invest in some kind of word inventing super computer because i’ve run out of “BIG” words to use in the thesauraus and I need a fresh way to convey the HUGEOSITY of this Monday’s CatchAThon. It’s going to be JURASSIC. That kind of works. What about GIGANTATRONIC!

Today’s video is actually pretty damn hilarious, watch how this news reader, no doubt a natural at improvisation, recovers from a failed teleprompter.

Donít forget our Weekly CATCHACOMP is also running, lots of cool stuff available as prizes, head right HERE. Some of the entries so far have been pretty damn funny make sure you add your 2 cents!