The last week at CatchOfTheDay has been pretty interesting, specially with a new staff member in town. His name is Rizzi and he’s our new graphics man, at least while Stan is out overseas holidaying and whatnot. Anyway, one of Rizzi’z first jobs was to do some graphics for the CatchAThon, and he did a pretty funny banner, check it out:

So where is this going, good question. This weeks catchacomp is going to be a …. CAPTION comp! Woopeee. Simply write a caption about Rizzi’s funny CatchAThon banner. It can be a word, it can be a sentence, it can be a story. Enter as many times as you like! Comp closes a week from now, and for prizes… How about a set of Keyring Universal TV Remotes, or as sP likes to say “Magic Remotes”.

Last week’s competition was pretty fun, however the fun and games are over. Our Judge D9JOEY has passed his rather controversial decision. In a move some have called corrupt and unfair, he has named himself the winner. Kidding, here’s what he actually said:

As part of diligently performing my duties as this week’s judge I have consulted with several historiographers and contacted the late Mr. Bradford, my high school history teacher, through a ouija board.

Some excellent entries so far, although after detailed inquiries I regret to say that I have been unable to confirm that Chicken Little is an authentic historical figure. After seeing the video of Britney Spears at the MTV awards, I’m not sure that she has much of a figure any more either, though she’s certainly hysterical.

So, without further ado, the runner up award goes to “CAUGHT! Britney With Her Pants Down!” by ScarletRubies.

And the winner is….. *drumroll please*

As the bumper sticker says, blasphemy is a victimless crime, so I’m giving it to TK 421 with the following:

“Jesus Resurrected, thanks to quick thinking and a CPR mask. Our man in Jerusalem has the full story.”

So congrats MR TK 421, you’ve won yourself a FREE trip to microsoft outlook! Once you get there email me at to organise a real prize. Oh and you’ll be the judge of this week’s competition.

Just a note to all our SHOCK COMP entrants (we’ve had a few haven’t we), i’ll announce the winners tommorrow (Sorry Anita! Just one more day), reason being, there are a LOT of winners and –

A- Today is the CatchAThon, the office is insanely busy.

B- This blog entry is already crammed with too much info.

So shock comper’s we have a date! See you tommorrow.