We wouldn’t call it a CatchAThon if it wasn’t epic, and well, what an epic day it was. I won’t go into details yet, we still have another day of ‘Thon action left!

In the mean time please pay some attention to our cute feline friends, yesterday is what we call the CatchAThon, this is what we call a CaTathon, hahaha lame I know:

Now I believe we have some housecleaning to do, firstly competition winners, from two of our shock comps last week:

Mega Baby Box:

ScarletRubies, Mel03, bargainhunter, kalish, rachkel, Sassy333, doozerberry, tandk, bernie76, akosua

Transparent Shoe Box:

Moushumi, Anita, Deena, prosac, bluestone-123, Yasha, sandy-*, kimncath*, Jump9889*, Ullix*

The names with asterix, I need you guys to email me back asap! The rest of the winners, I’ll be shipping out your goodies soon. I’ll post up the winners from our last two comps next week Monday/Tuesday. Gosh, so many competitions running right now it’s getting hard to keep track of it all! Feel free to email me at if you feel i’m slacking off with my duties, or to tell me you love me. I prefer the latter to be honest.