Well the Super BlockBuster Boxes went pretty well. Just about the only thing that went wrong on the day was the title. I personally didn’t like the name of the box too much, but sadly, I was outvoted 8 to 1.

Today’s offer is hot! Summer’s around the corner and everyone needs towels, lotsa them. Between going swimming at the pool, the beach and public fountains (its fun trust me) you’ll be thankful you had the towels to spare for any spontaneous drying needs. Thats not to say you should keep the towels for yourself only, I mean you are getting 6, you could easily share and help friends stay dry, but thats entirely optional.

In other news, my obsession with RC toys continues. Some genius built his own RC controlled JET, it looks and sounds the part. Apparently capable of reaching speeds up to 200MPH. INSANE.