Thank God its Friday!

I just bought a Nintendo Wii last night. I know, I know, its kind of late to catch on but I was in a low kind of mood last night so I was passing the store and I saw ZELDA on the shelf and kind of fell for it straightaway. Anyway after 10 mins of playing I was pretty much asleep, so I guess it helped sort me out in a way.

In other news, yesterdays DermaNew kits sold out insanely fast, and the random small fish has been extremely popular so far. I’m thinking to run a competition based of the small fish prices next week. Maybe the first to list 4 products that add up to a certain price wins?

Now for today’s video pick, something for the geekz0rz out there, the evolution of video games. It’s not a bad clip at all, but something I think i’m going to redo, properly! It’s very XBOX biased, and well the XBOX has nothing to do with the evolution of anything, more like the imitation of video games.