Righto… I had an awesome weekend, was up in Sydney, ate myself silly and watched about 8 movies. Coming to work this morning was like entering a lions den of frenzied bargaining and phone calls – ahh work sweet work 🙂

What an awesome weekend of catches it was though – really saturday and sunday combined would create the ultimate home theatre setup – and from the number of bites that came through, a LOT of people agreed, good work

Now it’s time for another, exciting, inviting…


Its back to ye old caption comp, presenting todays subject of ridicule:

Simply post your entry below, first prize is an awesome ultrasonic parking sensor! THE JUDGE IS ANITA!

One last thing – anyone who still has not received a prize as a past winner, needs to send me an email at with the subject “QQQ is a lazy disorganized bastard where is my prize!”. Any deviation from this subject line will result in instant prize forfeiture. But seriously, send that email! Prizes are going out en masse this week, I need a little help so I don’t miss any of you lovely past winners.