Well – i’m writing this blog almost compleletely out of breath. Been running up and down stairs all day. Why? Everytime I go downstairs to grab a cup of coffee my phone rings. Its ridiculous, its like, national call QQQ day. Anyway dear friends its time for a brand new catchacomp. Who won the last won? Well I was kinda hoping that a certain anita9933 would choose a winner but I guess I’ll have to pick one myself. Personally the funniest entry was: “I grew up on the side of a hill” By Avocado. It was smart, unexpected and well said. Hear! Hear! Email for your prize buddy. Now for this week’s comp:


Folks, the catchathon is around the corner. What’s the catchathon you say. Well – Every day we offer an awesome catch, and the catchathon is like – a marathon catch… tons of past catches available for just one day. It is literally the busiest day on Catch of the Day, and well we normally like to celebrate with a competition – the thing is – the catchathon competitions needs a fresh idea. So that’s your task for this weeks Catchacomp:

Post an idea for this weeks catchathon competition.

I’ll go thru the entries on wednesday night and we’ll run the winning comp on Thursday on the mainsite. EXCITING!


Whats that I hear you say? Prize? Oh yeah! The winner will recieve a 2GB USB Wristband!