YO! Get your party hats on, and get set for an awesome week on catch. First up today, an awesome MEGA BOX. Tomorrow, $1 price tag, $100 value, PayPal free shipping on top of that! Wednesday – top secret! Thursday – The mother of all catches. Its the big one – I know some of you have figured out what its going to be, don’t ruin the surprise for everyone else! Friday, we’ll wrap the party up with a nice toast 🙂

No more hints! By the way, really nice job with the Jingle comp so far people. I’m going to take my time judging it, mainly because I need to figure out which sounds the best recorded, not just on paper. Now for this weeks splendiferous comp:


Wow, did we just jump forward a couple of thousand comps? Yes! Why? I dont know. Either way, these two cats are up to something, or something is up to them. Whatever! Think of something funny to say about this image, or to caption this image, you’ve got a week, so make it good, i.e FUNNY. Winner receives a USB something! It wont be any old prize, it’ll be a USB prize, maybe with little electrical lightnings shooting around inside it.