Hi everyone! What a week its been eh?

Its been sooo long since we last saw the magical pooki monster, and he finally showed up in our warehouse to congratulate us for getting into the BRW FAST 100, and to wave his magic wand over the multitude of pooki boxes getting ready to roll out to y’all. May the Pooki be with you!

Now about that BRW award! The whole team was ecstatic today on hearing the news, and on behalf of everyone here at i’d like to thank you for your support in bringing us to this new high – something we could not have done without all of you – thank you.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience with our servers this week. There was a serious amount of congestion, and its really down to just one thing: TRAFFIC. From our servers it really looked like the entire population of Australia was trying to get through the door.

However after working round the clock for nearly 48 hours i’m sure a lot of you noticed the improvement today – it was much easier to logon and BITE, and our special advanced invitation seemed to help matters quite a bit.

Stay tuned dear members, for the afterparty tomorrow, where we can all kick back, relax and enjoy….. [find out tomorrow!]