Hi guys! I’ve been absolutely inundated with work here at the new CatchOfTheDay office. YES. I HAVE A NEW DESK! IT IS AMAZING! Featuring a full 90 degrees of rotation, a view of all my buddies here, and the perfect position from which to fire of my numerous witty comments, such as, “Jay, I don’t think even the LegSculpt will help you with your problem” or “Ferry, any chance we’ll have that new feature done by 2050” etc.

Righto time for some competition housekeeping. By my count, last weeks competition featured the highest participation of all time. I was actually hoping that ZayCo would judge this one – specially considering the number of entries! Yes I know, I’m extremely lazy. Anyway I spent about 3 hours on it today. Firstly, all of y’all who entered with “One small step for man…” you need to read your fellow anglers entries before entering! I’ve picked my winner:

SCORPIO – Not everything is as it seems, and your confidence may be your undoing. Today you should not trust habits, lest your confidence and your head fall sharply to the ground.

Congratulations VanillaSpice, you are our winner today. To claim your prize, shoot me off an email (TO ME). Being number one does come with some responsibility, you have to judge this weeks contest, which i’ll launch tommorrow really running out of space in todays blog.

By the way, the jingles are getting better and better, i’ve actually gone and written a whole song, its taking some time I know – but it’ll be really sweet when i’ve finished!

Enjoy this video, sent to me by Anita! Anita thanks for helping out, I really appreciate any contributions to the blog!