Taking Advantage of Combined Shipping

So youve heard the phrases ‘combined shipping’ or ‘half price shipping’ over and over, but really don’t know what its all about?

Before I explain, please note that “Combined Shipping” is a special service we offer on a strictly limited basis. To see if “Combined Shipping” is available, simply click on the “+Shipping” link below the “BITE ME” button on any product on the site. When combined shipping is “ACTIVE”, the 50% discount works as follows:

  • You only pay full shipping on one item in your cart – the item with the highest shipping cost
  • Every additional item in your cart receives a 50% shipping discount!

Simple isn’t it. Just make sure you keep all your purchases in a single order! How do you do that?

  • Add your first item to the cart by clicking ‘BITE ME!’
  • Simply add more to the cart, by ‘BITING’ more products!
  • When your finished adding items to your cart, simply checkout!

Happy Catching!