YO! Firstly, check out the snazzy poll on your right! If you can’t see it, you need to login first 🙂 We’ll be sure to abuse our new found power and harvest all kinds of mission critical information such as “What colour underwear are you wearing”. Its questions like these that inspired the poll and will surely lead to advance my plans of world domination. In other news we have 1, 2, 3 new exciting features coming up. Feature 1 involves gold, feature 2 involves christmas and feature 3 involves FUN. No more revelations, all will be seen in the next 2 weeks.

Now onto this weeks fantabulous catchacomp:


When I first saw this image I experienced some truly epic lolz. Nows your chance to take it one step further with a witty caption. The best 2 captions as judged by fellow anglers ZayCo and VanillaSpice will win our prize for the week, and judge next weeks comp.

P.S ZayCo your extremely blingy prize is on the way!

P.Sii Jingles coming soon! Haven’t forgotten 😉