Well! What a week its been eh! It’s set to be a hot Christmas shopping season with catches flying off the shelf faster than speedy gonzales on red bull. Case in hand: The VR games. They went incredibly well, with a large number of people buying massive quantities – clearly we have a number of Anglers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit – good on them!

Last weeks CatchAComp was judged by VanillaSpice, he picked his winner:


For this entry:

the once was a cat named Red,who looked at the camera and said,i know what you’re wondering,and what you’ve been pondering,”how long is the hair on my head?”

Congrats brianlee! Send me an email at and we’ll organise your prize. Your also now on official judging duty, and hopefully you’ll help lazy old me out with organising the next competition! Anyway get in touch and we’ll discuss it. Without further ado, onto this weeks competition, selected by VanillaSpice:


Its a very dubious situation indeed, what has the world come to? Give the image below the full treatment, witty, sarcastic or poetic, any caption will do. The top caption as judged by “BrianLee” takes the cake!

Big thanks to VANILLASPICE for helping me out this week, been totally buried in work here at the Catch towers!