What an incredible day it was yesterday!

The Seacret Nail and Body Kits went down in a storm of frenzied Christmas buying and for good measure it was an awesome deal.

Additionally the preview/trailer clip we created for the deal on CatchTV was the 2nd most viewed video by Australians on youtube a great achievement for the video crew namely me something we are proud of. Please continue to share CatchTV episodes with your friends and colleagues the faster the word spreads the better the deals we can organise!

Tommorrow well be launching a very special edition of the CatchAThon its going to become an annual special event, the CatchAthon Xmas Edition. Hosted a bit earlier in the month than usual, just so you can get all your pressies delivered on time, its going to be a massive day I strongly encourage everyone to head to and register ahead of time the popular catches will sell out extremely fast!

Now for a bit of entertainment, or sarcasm. Ever watched late night TV and seen these LIVE ACTION poker tournaments? Do you like I question the entertainment value of these snorefests? Youll like this: