New Year, New Resolutions!

Its great to be back. Weve gone through quite a few adventures over the last few weeks, from phenomenal sellouts to flooding in our office! Everything is back to normal now, the office has been pumped dry, new carpets, new computers and all set for the new year. I cant even begin describe how bizarre the whole episode was flooding in Melbourne what the?

In terms of resolutions we have a few very important ones as a team, these include:

Buying life rafts and building them into the walls of the office

Building a rooftop heliport in case we get stranded next time

Buying an old ex-soviet class submarine, in case things really get bad next flood.

On serious note, we are all resolved to putting in 200% over this year. Well be upgrading all our systems to a massive enterprise class mega system weve just had 2 more people joining our team and more to come. That means better service, faster deliveries and as always crazy catches!

I have to wrap this one up now, as we are about to have a long sit down with the team to plan our next few catches! Its going to be huge! Anyway Ill be updating the blog regularly with more musings and thoughts, funny videos and yes COMPETITIONS! So stay tuned!