Random Banter

I hate the weather today. I really envy people in Queensland because honestly weve had barely 2-3 real hot summer days in Melbourne so far, and Apollo really hasnt been delivering the summer promised.

Things have been interesting at Catch towers recently. This week sees a new designer join the team, taking up the reins from Stanley. He calls himself Flipmode, rides a 600CC motorbike and is a semi-pro boxer. Reportedly he met Mike Tyson in vegas while travelling in the states, Mr Tyson didnt acknowledge him and our friend Flipmode gave him an earful.

Hes so far proven to be quite the creative one, the best example I think is his most excellent images for the Essential Back To School Pack. (Which was an unbelievably successful day by the way).

Onto other matters Ive started launching poll questions about very critical and important affairs, such as yesterdays TadPoll:

Which of the following Australian Open players grunts the loudest?

  • 62.1% – Venus Williams
  • 16.8% – Lindsey Davenport
  • 4.2% – Andy Roddick
  • 16.8% – Leyton Hewitt

Well it turns out that you guys think that Venus Williams is the gruntiest of them all. Personally Id go with Davenport, but hey the people have decided. I tried giving Venus a ring, but she was unavailable for comment. Either way, I imagine the response would be something like: