Wild Wild Weekend

What a weekend! The powerboards went extremely well – burning through all the available stock just before nightfall. Sunday we thought we’d have a casual little special, a mix of old and new all at great prices – turned out into an absolute biting frenzy! Well done! We had to keep adding new deals during the day to keep up with the demand.

We’ve got a great week ahead of us as well – tommorrow – Tuesday – will undoutedly be the jewel in the crown. Be here early, we anticipate an early sellout.

In other news, the Australian open has been going great – after hearing the amazing match reports and watching some epic matches on TV some of our staff members, Jay, Peter, Ferry and Michael headed out to spectate in the flesh. Unfortunately for them between the two matches they watched, there was about 30 minutes of actual tennis. One fast victory and one early forfeiture. Bad luck guys!

As for me, i’m much more interested in wrestling right now: