QQrant Part II

Well – Yesterday – was awesome. Firstly we had a very fast sellout – around 2 hours I believe. Very exciting for the first time we’ve ever done a complete computer system. Secondly, the preview video was the number one most viewed australian video on YouTube. Kudos to me, director extraordinaire.

Despite my suave style videos and good looks – I have to admit – i’m a geek at heart. By geek i mean:

  • G – Great
  • E – Excellent
  • E – Entertaining
  • K – Kool.

Some even call me a nerd. Of course, by nerd they mean:

  • N – Nefariously
  • E – Eccentric
  • R – Raging
  • D – Driver

It’s true, i’m a road rager. But i’m not your normal run of the mill rager. I like to think I fight on the side of good, and justice. For example, yesterday. This nice old lady was driving her 87 holden, she had just pulled out of Bunnings. No doubt with another months supply of fertiliser for the petunias.

Anyway, this moron starts to tailgate her and flash his lights. Our dear old friend was getting distressed to say the least. The moron then proceeds to display his longest finger before cutting in front and slowing down, bringing all traffic to a crawl. The tail gating was tolerable – but this was too much. I flexed my considerable biceps, and let the anger, the rage flow through my body. I felt the fire of justice take control. I sped my 92 corolla seca past the traffic and prepared to let him have it. As I passed the car I noticed a considerably muscular tatooed gentleman driving… and decided the old lady could probably wait a little longer… and I preffered to live for a little longer. Maybe then NERD means:

  • N- Never
  • E- Ever
  • R- Risk
  • D- Death

Catchathon tommorrow! Get set for a big day!