The Adventures of NetRiD3r pt.I

They call me the NetRiD3r. My life’s mission is to surf the net, from coast to coast and discover every interesting story, video and image there is to uncover. My blood brother QQQ has kindly given me the oppurchoonitay to post some of my most astonishing discoveries right here on the Catch blog. Denizens of the internet, enjoy (imagine the sound of Blasting Trumpet’s Mixed with 8-bit atari gurgles):

The Adventures of NetRiD3r

Our journey today starts with “iPhone”. I find so many stories about this little gadget from Apple, its starting to get quite tiresome. Touchscreen? MP3 Player? Video? Aren’t these all things we’ve seen before. Just because the CEO wears a turtle neck and the products are named after fruit doesn’t make it any more attractive or hype worthy. Millions disagree.

During my travels I finally found a group of people who have found a unique use for the iPhone, I must say, its very useful for this:

In other exciting news, Gran Turismo Prologue has been “Priced and Dated”. Wow – congratulations SONY, its only 69 years late. Story and Trailer Video Here.

That pretty much settles it, my XBOX360 is now for sale. Now to wrap things up, probably the most interesting article i’ve read all day. (I read a lot of articles). The Minimalists Guide to Simple Housework