More Random Banter

The bag of pooki – was amazing! Thanks to everyone involved, lets now wait and see what the Pooki Monster brings!

Catch tends to be a very addicting, involving and completely immersive job for everyone of the team members. We all breathe, drink and eat CatchOfTheDay. So much that we tend to forget about things like fitness. Finding the odd crazy deal on gym equipment tends to help thigns a little – but never for very long, always ends up being just a few days of inspired workouts followed by 5 days of intensive relaxation in the office.

Yesterday, my girlfriend, frustrated with my state of fitness dragged me out to a little place known as “1000 steps”. Just 30 minutes from where we work. Starting with a 2km hike up a hill, you arrive at the base of a beautiful forest laden mountain, and the beginning of a 1000 step staircase. (I found out later its only around 700).

MAN WHAT AN EPIC CLIMB. After about 20 steps I was finished, but my girlfriend promised I could have dinner at Red Pepper once we finished so there was no stopping me. When we finished – I never felt so alive. Being so mentally involved in the site makes you forget you have a body. Definitely going back there ASAP! Taking Jay with me – he needs it!

Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget to check Catch, we have a SWEET lineup for Saturday and Sunday!