The people have spoken! Yesterdays poll about the catch blog revealed much. Yes I hear you loud and clear. YOU WANT COMPETITIONS!

So while I sit here writing my mostly irrelevant, irreverant musings and n3rid3r searches the net for the top stories of the day, you the members want only one thing: freebies! Tough crowd!

We are more than up to the task. Lets do this, starting on Monday:

  • We will feature a new competition Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and finally Thursday – not just one per week anymore, four per week!
  • Every day will have a new winner
  • Winners will be announced and prizes handed out every Friday

There it is, the blog is now set on a path of competition chaos! I’d love some help along the way with judging, reminding, finding caption comp images, competition ideas and maybe even motivational “I love you QQQ” emails. Write to me at

Have a great weekend everyone! If there is anyone going to the St Kilda festival this Sunday, keep your eyes on the sky! You’ll know what I mean when it happens.