Wow – I have to start off by thanking Ruderbecca, Tichy and Tomlabs for their hard work this week, I wish you three could be winners everyday!

Which brings me to a few questions I have for y’all:

  • Are you happy with the new comp format?
  • What about the competition choices? Anything you particulary like/hate?
  • Would you prefer if the winners from each week judge the next week, or is it fine if I keep judging? This means I don’t have to chase last weeks winners every week!

Now without further ado, congratulations to this weeks winners, simply check your catch accounts in a few hours and you’ll notice +$20 credit! Here were the winning entries:

MONDAY: shmahoo!

Steve and Danny encounter Catch of The Day’s consumer complaint resolution team leader. Any further questions?

TUESDAY: tichy1977!

WEDNESDAY: sweetypies12!

With this poll, which will be put to good use (heehee):

What should captain catch wear to work for one day??

  • bright pink hot pants
  • budgie smugglers
  • a gstring only
  • a gorilla outfit
  • none of the above

Special mention to tichy1977 whose entry now on the poll.

THURSDAY: ruderbecca!

Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner – Mr Ruderbaker take notice!