Have to say – you all truly exceeded yourselves this week. Good to see we are getting more regulars in. I’ll be handing out the prizes to the winners, to all the rest of the participants, keep at it – you have no idea how difficult the decision was for some of these.

P.S Thanks for all your answers to the questions I asked last week!

MONDAY: Tomlab!

I Hope I am Wearing Clean Underwear

TUESDAY: gedavid!

Nang Nang Nang Nooooooooh!!

About this comp, I think there was some confusion. The actual aim was to create an expression of pain related to the image, not a caption comp per se. GeDavid’s entry is hilarious, specially if you say it out loud with a scottish accent, which is a must of course.


Very nicely done LouLou! EPIC LULZ at the baseball player – completely floored everyone in the office.

THURSDAY: tichy1977!

The in car espresso machine… GENIUS!!!!

That sums it all up then… Anyone who feels hard done by my judging, understand this is a lot harder than you think. Once we grow to a nice size of regulars I think we’ll create a judging panel, that way it won’t be so subjective to one persons opinion.