New judging format. The four winner’s of this week’s competitions will judge next week. If you won Monday, you judge Monday! Unfortunately, thanks to that thing called “ethics”, you cannot enter on the day you are judging – but you may enter on the other days. If next weeks judges don’t submit winners to me by 11am Friday next week, i’ll have to judge instead – but please, please don’t make me do that. It’s too much for one person.

MONDAY: slipstream_adi!


There were 7 difference’s in total. She was the first to spot all 7!

WEDNESDAY: tichy1977.

What can I say, the image makes perfect sense now.

THURSDAY: goldilox!

A bar code on the other sexes neck which has a host of info. It could detail relationship history marriages/ divorces any good or bad traits eg faithful, womaniser, cheater etc. For the advanced relationships, a in built tracking device will activate allowing you to see if it really was only an hour he (or she) spent at the pub. Could be customised to relationship needs.

Next Week’s Judging Panel: slipstream_adi, LyndyLou, tichy1977, goldilox.