• Invent your ultimate superhero
  • Give him/her/it a name and describe the origins and powers of your hero, as well as what they are trying to achieve. Do they want to save the world? Or stop invading martians.
  • Unlimited entries.
  • First Prize: $20 Store Credit
  • Winners announced Friday
  • Comp Closes Thursday Evening

You may use visual diagrams and aids as you see fit! Thanks Tichy for this awesome comp idea! Here’s an example entry:


  • Name: Aero Puss
  • Powers: Flying, Sonic Mew, Power Paw.
  • Origins: Exposed to a radioactive lab rat as a kitten, discovered his powers soon afterwards.
  • Purpose: To protect and serve the general feline population

P.S Tichy it was your idea but Fifi is judging this one so feel free to enter!