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MONDAY: sandilee8!

TUESDAY: loulou121!

A Tale of Thanksgiving (and Pumpkin Pie)

A long time ago in a distant land there was a group of people known as Catvinists. The Catvinists were a peaceful group who liked nothing more than to spend all day lying around in the sun, cleaning themselves. This was at odds with the other inhabitants who only believed that you should wash yourself once a year, and so the Catvinists were persecuted for their beliefs.

They decided to move to the New World to start a new life.

They travelled in a large ship called The CatNip for many weeks until finally they set foot in the New World at a place they called Plymouse Rock, in Cattachusetts.

Unfortunately this new land was already inhabited by two tribes of beings, the oafish Wampandog tribe and the warlike Pumpkin Heads.

Both tribes made life a misery for the newcomers, who wanted to just sit around in the sun, cleaning themselves, but the Catvinists were determined to stay.

Eventually, the leader of the Catvinists – Tom Purrlick decided to meet with the leader of the Wampandog tribe – Hiawoofer, to negotiate a truce and unite against the Pumpkin Heads.

Hiawoofer agreed and the two groups, in an uneasy truce launched an attack on the Pumpkin Heads, (well, the Catvinists climbed the trees and encouraged the Wampandogs), defeating them, and reducing them to mash.

In celebration the two allies held a big feast, the mainstay of which was pumpkin pie.

To this day at Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie is still eaten as a reminder that Pumpkins are only good for one thing, and that Wampandogs and Catvinists can coexist.

WEDNESDAY: tichy1977.

Name: Fury

Powers: Very Powerful Witch

Can Control The 4 Elements at will Fire , Earth , Air and Water to do her bidding , can create anything from magick

Origins: A part of the group called “THE OLD ONES” who came to this earth millions of years before human kind. Chosen to protect all that live on earth.

Purpose: Sworn to fight the dark forces of nature, To save Humans and other worldly beings in all dimensions.

THURSDAY: tichy1977!

(lady on the right) “GAVIN !!!! will you get those damm kids to leave the cat alone !!!!”

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