The Necessary.

This entry will serve as our little blog courthouse. I’ll be updating this from time to time and maintaining a link to it in each competition post. To suggest a change or different policy, please post in this article.

WAH! Thats a copied image!

In a perfect world we could all create beautiful and funny things on the fly and no one would copy. The truth is not everyone has the skill or means or time to do so. The blog is first and foremost about allowing EVERYONE to have fun. If you have something original to post, I salute you – you make this blog truly special. Just try not to put other people down for posting material from external sources.

If you strongly feel a particular entry should be invalidated for any particular reason, please let me know, I will hear you out.

OMG! iCry!

Remember, this is the internet. If someone offends you, its probably 99% the case that you just misread the situation – if it was a face to face conversation the outcome would have most likely been shared laughter!

However I will not stand for anything of an intentionally offensive nature being posted. If you spot something please let me know.

Attention Judges!

You will not base your decisions on how many times a competitor has won in the past. Equal opportunity is about giving everyone a fair chance regardless of circumstance.

Never Forget:

QQQ is always right. Just kidding. Just remember that i’m always free and ready to discuss issues with you should anything arise.