The Catch Masters: Round 1

The “Catch Masters” is a special “original entries only” series of competitions, which will culminate in the “Masters Cup” and other such amusing finals. Today:

Fairy Tale Mashups!

Has anyone seen “Alien VS Predator”? It basically takes the bad guy from Alien and the bad guy from Predator and puts them together in one really bad movie.

Today, or indeed this week we aim to create our own mashups, or blends – but from the classic fairy tales of old. I’m talking about stories such as “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Puss in Boots” and “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” (just kidding).

  • Create a short story that is a mashup or combination of two or more classic fairy tales.
  • You are not restricted to stories from any particular time period, I just thought older stories are more universally recognised.
  • Visual aids are highly recommended, but really not necessary.
  • Only original entries allowed. Please don’t copy someone elses story word for word.
  • First Prize: $20 Store Credit
  • Winners announced Friday
  • Comp Closes Thursday Evening
  • Please read our standard drivel regarding conduct here

An example mashup I was thinking about, involves snow white and cinderella, in a very trashy socialite contest for top beauty/fashion spot.

Just an example, the world is your oyster – MASH AWAY!