Judges please submit your winners here and I will format the page accordingly. Please hurry as time is running out and we just might have to choose the winners ourselves.

We have got two days covered so far! Now we need Darkwinter and Eddie W to pick Monday and Thursday’s Winners! I think I am going crazy with excitement.

Yes guys, please feel free to insult me as we wait for the remaining two winners, I’ll just eat these bunch of bananas while we wait. I’ll get QQQ in one of next weeks competitions dont you doubt! QQQ your time in the sun will be finally over!

Sweet glorious delight so that just leaves Monday’s winner! Where are you Darkwinter? Your judgement is needed!

I had to pick Mondays winner myself in the end, so hurrah to the winners and next week things will heat up again! Have a great weekend everybody!

MONDAY: goldilox

This method of communication is little unorthodox…

Honorable Mention: loulou121

TUESDAY: floss&grumpy

Indiana Jones and the quest for Land rights for dislexic gay Whales.

Honourable Mention: caltana & caffeine


There are two things that are certain in life. Taxes and Death… and we both know I’m not the taxman

Honourable Mention: Fifi73

THURSDAY: davico

“aww shucks Arnie…are you sure you wanna go for coffee?”

Honourable Mention: spellbound

Next Week’s Judging Panel:

  • Monday: goldilox
  • Tuesday: floss&grumpy
  • Wednesday: Eddie W
  • Thursday: davico

Judges from now on! Post your winners in the competition post itself, so if you are judging monday, post your winner in mondays blog. Please try submit them by 11.45am Friday, latest!