WINNERS Gallery!

Hey guys! It’s another Friday and it’s time to round up the week with some prizes and praises! So Judges please submit your winners here and I will format the page accordingly. Please hurry as time is running out and we just might have to choose the winners ourselves. Well done to whoever wins, your victory shall echo throughout eternity!

Monday: 4jools

Women and black people thats 3/4 of the vote for me. Oh does my nose look big in this outfit

Honourable Mention: General77guy

TUESDAY: General77guy

“I slam on the breaks when the guy behind me is on my ass.”

Honourable Mention: Floss & Grumpy

WEDNESDAY: Bonny’s mom

a breakfast bar that tastes like chocolate but is actually healthy and nutricious as a very nutricious thing, gives me my caffeen fix, wakes me up, cures my hangover, cleans my teeth, freshens my breath and is waterproof so I can eat it while washing my hair.

Honourable Mention: Eddy W

THURSDAY: debmort

Beautiful butterfly Beatrice!!Good lord no, “bloody awful”!

Honourable Mention: PHIL

Next Week’s Judging Panel:

  • Monday: 4jools
  • Tuesday: General77guy
  • Wednesday: Bonny’s mom
  • Thursday: Debmort

Judges from now on! Post your winners in the competition post itself, so if you are judging Monday, post your winner in mondays blog. Please try submit them by 11.45am Friday, latest!