Winners Galllery!

Wow everyone, what a week it has been! I was laughing, I was crying, I was rolling around on the floor, my side in stitches, wishing the week would never end… but it has, SO for those of you who won last week, it is time for you to come out of the woodworks and choose the winners for this week. Remember, you just choose the winner for the corresponding day that you won. Get your entries in as fast as you can, otherwise I’ll have to choose for you… and due to the high quality of the entires, I don’t particularly want to do that! Good luck to all participants!

Hey All! I waited as long as I could! I’ll have to be choosing the winner for Tuesday (which is actually pretty easy because they had me laughing so hard I almost… nevermind).

Monday: the winner is Lyndylou

“Austalia is not enough!” by lyndylou

The Honourable Mention is maz1Canseeno Howard anymore Royally good” by maz1

Tuesday: the winner is by S.Willo

It was bound to happen , Cute cuddly muppets suffering years of sexual abuse , having whole arms inserted up their nether regions………..Introducing SESSARMY STREET!!!Grover has had enough , He’s mean , he’s armed and he’s dangerous!Grovers guide to Gangrene and GoreBig Bird is sick of the Gay referencesBIG BIRD’s Rotisserie of Mayhem where guests are spit roasted and basted slowly while you better learn to say your ABC’s DAMMIT !Bert and Ernie ,BACKYARD BLITZ … where they SEMTEX the dog kennel and prune the trees with AK47’sOscar the Grouch , you cant say the warning signs weren’t there, How long can one muppet live in a trash can , before he starts taking out the trash ??Elmo’s new segment… Tickle me now you F&%@#%! Where elmo takes out kneecaps at day care centres around the nation…And we cant forget the Count , as the bodies chalk up , he loves to count… Vun Dead Boodie, Tooooo Dead Bodieeeeeeee, AHAA!!! dis one isnt dead yet… PASS ME DE NIPPLE CLAMPS AHAAAAA HAAAA HAAA IIIIIIIII LUUUUUUUUUUV TOOOOOOOOO COOOOUNT !!SNUFFALUPUGUS??? Need I say more??

Honourable mention goes to loulou121

Wednesday: the winner is Floss&Grumpy

“and this ones fer eating my last Tim Tam you Witch!!”By Floss&Grumpy,

Serious Honourable mention to Craig31 for

That proves that blondes aren’t real bright!!!… I am without coffee and cigarettes, premenstrual… and you pick now to start???… yeah right!!!

Thursday: the winner is fifi73

“Jedi Squirrels…….Protect your nuts!!” by fifi73

Honourable Mention goes to lyndylou for

“Typical Americans, always got to do it bigger and better ……” by lyndylou

Enjoy your Prize Everyone! And see you on Monday for More Crazy Blogs!