The Force

After 18 long weeks of daily jogging, playing soccer and tennis, doing 200 push-ups and sit-ups every morning, going for Yoga classes twice a week, doing Pilates classes a further 2 times a week, swimming a hundred laps over the weekend (every weekend) in an Olympic size pool, going mountain bike riding on Friday evenings, doing a hundred chin ups before sleeping each night, joining kick boxing classes with me, a further series of stomach crunches and body stretching exercises done every time he watches TV, finally the results kicked in.

After 4 months of Atkins diet, eating high levels of fiber, eating green vegetables daily filled with broccoli and asparagus, not touching sweets or sugar of any kind, giving up drinking Coke completely, drinking beer only on the weekends, eating fruit salads for lunch, cutting down on coffee and increasing water intake, drinking Green Tea 6 times daily served hot, not having snacks or late suppers of any kind, filling up on protein shakes and Multivitamins, and never ever going on a eating binge, finally he achieved what he set out to do.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my friend once weighing over 200 pounds, the oversized miscreant everyone knows as The Turk has finally done it. He has lost all his weight, become super trim and super fit and got that six pack he had wanted since grade school.

Looking chiseled and lean like a boxer in his prime, he seems nearly like a different person altogether. There is a new swagger in his walk that was never there before. Then again the fact that he isn’t dragging a pot belly the size of Santa’s Christmas bag might be a reason for the new walk. Throw in his necessary new wardrobe of new clothes made necessary by his sudden size change he definitely is a whole new man.

We’re quite impressed by the sheer force of will he used to achieve this level of physical health, after being fat for so long to make a decision like this entails a certain level of commitment that someone less prone to hard work like me would never be able to do. So we’re all very impressed by The Turk.

But not quite as impressed as what we are looking at now. The Turk did not call us over to look at his new figure but to look at his newly purchased Jet Force 2400w Vacuum. Clasping it like he would clasp a dumb bell when pumping iron, he seems ready to handle some major power. Hitting the on switch the vacuum roars to life like a powerful sports car and The Turk starts vacuuming the carpet with a passion akin to his steady resolution to lose his weight. With its steady suction power that is enormous the Jet Force seems easy to handle, clean with a sleek mighty design.

Man and machine working together, quite The Force to be reckoned with.