Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder

By Johnny Catch…

It’s been hailing cold rain and flashing bright lightning since 6.30 am in the morning. I know it was 6.30 am because that’s when the first epic blast of thunder woke me from bed and I jumped and landed with a sudden shock only to be staring point blank at the alarm clock marked exactly 6.30 am. The lightning must have landed right in my back garden it felt so close.

Not to be worried though, my house is as protected as you can be from lighting storms and power surges. Through the corridors of my home, at every juncture where stands any piece of electrical equipment or any digital technology worth having, also stands what I call The Guardians of The Light, my own Platinum Powerboard 6 socket Surge Protectors. They stand ready to stop any surge of electricity from damaging my expensive electronic equipment.

This simply means one thing for me, though I have been awake rather suddenly at the crack of dawn, and there is rain and lightning falling down on every side, where most people would cover down in bed singing Barbara Streisand songs to keep out the thunder, I am instead plugging up my Xbox 360 to the Plasma TV and rolling out my new copy of Gears of War 2, a game I have been dying to play since I got it last week. Come rain or shine, or thunder and lightning, I am all set up and ready for action.

Flanking my sides are two Platinum Powerboard & Surge Suppressors, ready to protect me and my equipment from any sudden unwanted surges. So as I rain down mayhem of my own in the form of computer generated bullets of destruction and the rain falls down mercilessly outside and lightning illuminates the entire block I notice that my house is the only house in the entire neighborhood that has its lights still on. Every other house is completely dark; people must have switched off their electricity to avoid any damage to their electronic equipment.

Not me, I push onwards with all lights on, the sound system blasting my game loudly, announcing to the world that I will go on, move onwards, against the tide of doom and gloom that surrounds us, that I will push forwards with my Platinum Powerboards! I start laughing with maniacal glee as bolts of lightning crackle down on every side, the game is as awesome as I thought it would be and the weather is actually adding to its beauty.

I could be doing this all day and loving every second of it, playing lighting as the cold hard rain falls outside and I drop alien baddies on the inside. But then I realize, this is a work day, which means I have to leave the house in a few minutes and I may be safe from the lighting and rain inside the house but that when I leave I unfortunately can’t bring my Platinum Powerboard & Surge Suppressors with me!