The Big Bounce

It doesn’t matter how bad this day gets, I am going to be walking with a bounce in my step the whole day. My car may have broken down in the middle of the highway; I may have walked in the cold falling rain for half a mile enduring the horns and jeers of passing vehicles, even a tossed ice cream cone that hit me smack center in the back of my head, but despite all that it’s going to be a great day.

Reason for my upbeat attitude resides in a simple yet critical reason; the beautiful babies wrapped around my feet, nothing less than the AIR KICKS™ Anti-Gravity Boots, these specially made rubber kicks go over your athletic shoes like perfectly fitted gloves giving you a high bounce jumping ability that Spiderman would be proud off. Which means that even though my car broke down I am heading to work with all due haste, just bounding and leaping across the highway step by great step. Passer bys are astounded by the speed and gait of my walk, every bound seems to defy gravity and sends me jumping across the surface of the road. When I hit the stairs it looks like I am bouncing my way up each step like a rubber ball in reverse.

I know that these Air Kicks were supposed to be a Christmas gift for my nephew Billy but desperate times call for desperate measures. No one could foresee the car breaking down, just so happened to have these kicks in the boot. I had to get work on time that day, there was a critical meeting with an important client first thing in the morning, and I was 5 minutes late from arriving. Not so with the Air Kicks, bounding across the office lobby like a Kangaroo on acid I leaped my way directly into the conference room right up to the white board and proceeded to give my presentation while still bouncing lightly on my Air Kicks.

Something about it just worked, maybe it seemed like I was bristling with unbridled enthusiasm because I just seemed so bouncy or maybe it was the fact that I seemed like a kinetically charged individual who approached life with a bounce in his step. Whatever it was the presentation went off like a charm and the clients were sucked in hook, line and sinker.

All I know is that that was one hell of a way to start the morning and that I would be probably wearing these Air Kicks all day just for the sheer thrill of it.